Most Common Uses of Captique

Many of those who want to make changes in areas of the face are turning to Captique to smooth away wrinkles and lines. Captique has become a popular product for making a lot of people look younger, and over the years that it has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for these uses.

Thousands of patients have been treated with this product, which is called a “dermal filler.” Captique is one of the organic dermal filler products on the market. It is made with plant material that includes hylauronic acid, which is a naturally occurring body substance that binds with water and promotes collagen. Doctors inject this material under the skin of patients, where it fills in tissue areas and helps smooth the outer skin.

What Are the Common Uses of Captique?

The primary uses of Captique, and the uses for which it was first approved, are in treating wrinkles and lines on the face. Captique was first commonly used to treat lines around the nose and mouth. It is also popular in treating lines or skin folds around the eyes. Some of the most common procedures with Captique involve injecting it into the areas below the eyes to help deal with skin folds. This use of Captique replaces other more invasive treatments for some patients.

Lip Injections

Captique is also commonly used to treat the lips. Patients who want their lips to look fuller consult qualified dermatologists who can select a specific amount of Captique for injection straight into the lip.

Other Uses of Captique

Captique is also used in other areas of the face, such as in the forehead or jaw. In some patients, Captique is used to reduce the visual effect of light scarring such as acne scars. Patients with more extreme scarring are often not candidates for using Captique, as it impacts collagen development.

Effects of Captique

In these kinds of procedures mentioned above, it's important to note that Captique sessions produce immediate results. Patients can see the difference in their lips, eyes, or facial areas directly after the injection is done. There is generally no recovery time needed after a Captique treatment, and some doctors contend side effects are rare. Some swelling or bruising may occur.

Captique effects generally last for up to six months. After that period of time, it's not uncommon for patients to receive further Captique treatments. Patients who find a dermal filler that does not produce side effects may continue to choose it for ongoing cosmetic dermatology treatment.

The Patient Base

Captique is common for treating patients over 30 years of age. Younger patients are not likely to need this kind of treatment, as its most common and primary uses are to counteract the normal signs of aging that occur in the upper and lower facial areas.

Those who are taking aspirin or kinds of blood thinners, or some herbal remedies, may need to stop these medications before getting a Captique treatment. Talk to local doctors about whether Captique is right for a particular cosmetic dermatology need.

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