Most Common Uses of Juvederm

As part of a larger class of dermal filler projects, JUVEDERM ® uses ?cross-linked? hyaluronic acid, a natural substance occurring in humans and animals, as a relatively organic way to provide a different look with cosmetic dermatology procedures that inject the substance below the skin. The hyaluronic acid component is known to seal in moisture under the skin, and also has a positive interaction with collagen, another element that can provide a better look on the surface of the skin. JUVEDERM ® provides effects that last up to a year, making it a desired product for some procedures.

Most Common Uses of JUVEDERM ®

Most cosmetic dermatologists would agree that the primary use of JUVEDERM ® is in treating lines in the lower facial area. When the FDA approved the substance in 2006, it was promoted as a solution for helping to smooth out certain kinds of lines or wrinkles, including what experts call ?nasolabial? lines. These are the lines between the nose and lip. Also known as ?smile lines,? they can add age to a face. JUVEDERM ® and similar dermal fillers help smooth out these lines by filling out the underlying tissue. They also help with other lines called ?marionette lines? on the cheeks and lower facial area. JUVEDERM ® can also be used on other facial lines to give the patient a younger look.

Lip Injections of JUVEDERM ®

Along with the above uses, JUVEDERM ® is also used to plump up the lips of many patients. A dermal filler like JUVEDERM ® can be injected into the lips to give them a fuller appearance. Some of the minor side effects associated with JUVEDERM ® in a few patients tend to be especially associated with using the dermal filler for lip injections. Doctors take care to provide local anesthesia when there is a greater chance of discomfort with a procedure that uses JUVEDERM ® to augment the lips.

Juvederm and the Eyes

Another primary use of JUVEDERM ® and other related dermal fillers is in firming up the area under the eyes, to eliminate folds or wrinkles there. This provides an alternative to some more invasive procedures for correcting changes in tissue under the eyes.

Other Uses of JUVEDERM ®

JUVEDERM ® can also be used to treat certain other conditions in cosmetic way. Acne scarring is one such condition, where dermal fillers can be effective in minimizing the cosmetic effects. Other types of scarring may also be treated with a similar procedure. Although JUVEDERM ® and some other similar dermal fillers are mainly used in the facial area, in some patients, they can be helpful in other areas of the body.

Potential Side Effects

Although side effects with JUVEDERM ® are not reported to be frequent, some minor bruising and swelling can occur. There are also some drug interactions, as well as allergy issues, that should be considered. Some patients receive test injections of the dermal filler in order to verify that there are no allergic reactions to the product. Patients interested in using JUVEDERM ® should go through an in-depth consultation with their local dermatology specialist to figure out whether JUVEDERM ® is right for treating their condition.

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