Potential Risks and Complications of Juvederm

Out of all the dermal fillers that are being used today, JUVEDERM ® is considered one of the safest. However, there are some potential risks and complications that can occur, though most of them are fairly rare. The potential complications of JUVEDERM ® can normally be categorized as either the more common minor ones, or the more serious and rare ones.

Minor Risks and Complications

JUVEDERM ® is typically injected through a very small gauge needle, but small puncture marks are not uncommon. These puncture marks will normally disappear after a day or two. JUVEDERM ® injections may result in minor bleeding at the time of injection, which normally abates after a couple of minutes. Bleeding that lasts longer than a couple of minutes is normally resolved with the application of an ice pack. Some patients will experience bruising and itching following JUVEDERM ® injections, especially in the case of JUVEDERM ® lip injections. The bruising may last for as long as a week in some patients, and is usually seen in the same patients who bleed during the injections.

Patients who undergo enhancement with JUVEDERM ® can expect to experience some level of discomfort during the injections, and there may be a risk of moderate to severe pain. Pain level is dependent upon several factors, including the patient's personal pain tolerance level, the area of injection (lips are typically the most painful area for JUVEDERM ® treatment) and whether a topical or injectable anesthetic is used.

Serious Risks and Complications

Some patients may, in very rare cases, experience serious side effects from JUVEDERM ® . These major complications are normally a result of an immune system reaction to the product. This allergic reaction may take the form of skin bumps called granulomas, or occasionally in the form of severe breathing issues, or other major health problems. In cases where there is a reaction that is deemed serious enough to require removal of the JUVEDERM ® from the body, it is possible to have injections of Vitrasse to dissolve the product and allow it to be harmlessly removed.

While JUVEDERM ® does not require an allergy test prior to use, Allergan, the makers of JUVEDERM ® , recommend that the product should not be used in any patient who has serious allergies, especially those related to bacterial proteins. Some patients will experience granulomas but will not have any other problems. The granulomas are usually in the form of small bumps that can range from the size of a grain of sand to pea sized. These are normally not painful, but do present a marred facial appearance, and are difficult to eliminate individually. Some granulomas may dissolve on their own over time. The granulomas do not normally present a health hazard, except in the above mentioned case of severe allergic reaction.

JUVEDERM ® is normally tolerated very well by the vast majority of patients, but risks and complications are always possible. In the days and weeks following JUVEDERM ® treatment, patients should closely monitor their injection sites for changes or complications. Patients who have any reaction that is unusual or that causes them concern should contact their doctor immediately so that the problem can be resolved.

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