Potential Risks and Complications of Prevelle Silk

Prevelle Silk is a cosmetic procedure that uses hyaloronic acid, a substance that is injected under the skin and will remove fine lines and creases, adding some volume to the face. The Prevelle Silk procedure has numerous benefits and it is typically an easy procedure, but there are a few potential risks and complications that may be associated with this type of treatment.

Temporary Bleeding

Bleeding is a common complication of a Prevelle Silk treatment. Even if the needles used are small and the incisions are made in areas that don’t contain veins, some more sensitive patients may bleed after the needle is extracted. The bleeding should stop within 5 minutes after the injection. Ice packs should be used to stop the bleeding faster and reduce irritation.

Some patients may experience pain and this may be more intensive if the treatment is applied in the lip area, which is particularly sensitive.

Visible Puncture Marks

Prevelle Silk uses small gauge needles to minimize the chances of permanent puncture marks. However, in some patients, puncture marks may be present a few days after a Prevelle Silk treatment. In very rare cases, the puncture marks will be permanent.

Uneven Results

After a Prevelle Silk treatment, the patient may experience an unevenly surfaced skin, which may be due to the fact that the amounts of hyaluronic acid injected under the skin were not equally distributed.

Immune System Reactions

Even if very rare, immune system reactions may occur after a Prevelle Silk treatment. The patient may develop severe inflammation at the injection site and bumps may also occur. These bumps are known as granulomas, which can be smaller or pea sized and should disappear in a few days or weeks. Some granulomas may persist and may need surgical removal. Typically, granulomas are not a health hazard and are not cancerous.

Major immune system reactions may include breathing difficulties caused by the swelling of the air passages. This reaction should be treated immediately with a shot of epinephrine.

If the reactions are severe, the plastic surgeon may opt to remove the injected substances from the body. This may be done with a solution known as Vitrasse, which will dilute the hyaluronic acid, making it easily removable.

Even if this is not required, patients will be tested prior to the Prevelle Silk treatment to make sure they are not allergic and there will be no immune system reactions to the hyaluronic acid. The treatment shouldn’t be administered to patients that have a history of allergic reactions to proteins or has experienced episodes of anaphylactic shock.

Prevelle Silk is a quick procedure that can give dramatic results, which last for up to 12 months. However, a few potential risks and complications may be present. A patient should monitor the injection sites and consult the doctor whenever something abnormal occurs. Any cause for concern should be reported to the plastic surgeon, so that he can solve the problem.

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