Pregnancy and Botox

If you are pregnant and considering BOTOX ® injections, stop there! BOTOX ® is safe for use when you are not pregnant, but not enough studies have been done on its effects on pregnant women and the growing fetus.

Consequences of BOTOX ® Injections while Pregnant

When pregnant, it is important to often err on the side of caution. BOTOX ® manufacturers advise that pregnant women and breast feeding women do not get BOTOX ® injections. In animal testing studied, BOTOX ® has been found to lead to low birth weight babies, as well as spontaneous abortions and fetal defomities. Consequently, it is highly advised that pregnant women wait until after they have delivered, and after they have ceased breast feeding to get their next or first BOTOX ® injection.

If you are pregnant, and you have had a BOTOX ® injection early in your first trimester (before knowing you were pregnant most likely), doctors advise that the single injection so early on in the pregnancy is unlikely to have a negative impact on the growing fetus.

Alternatives to BOTOX ® Injections while Pregnant

Pregnancy is said to give women a natural glow, so you may be looking and feeling fabulous enough to not want to seek out alternative methods to mask your wrinkles and crows feet. However, if that is not the case, you do have some other options you can try until after you have given birth and stopped breast feeding. There are a number of natural supplements that are great for your skin, such as vitamin E, which you can purchase in a lotion, or use directly from the capsule. Vitamin C products are also supposed to be great for your skin. There are other options that you can try that are safe.

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