Pregnancy and Captique

Captique is a wrinkle reducing cosmetic procedure. The treatment involves the injection of dermal fillers that will make the skin look younger and less wrinkly. The gel that is injected is made up of plant compounds that mimic the existing substances in the human body. However, you should find out if this procedure is recommended before, during and after pregnancy.

Captique before Pregnancy

Captique can be performed before pregnancy. The procedure will not affect the reproductive system in any way. Let your surgeon know that you're planning a pregnancy or if you are taking any fertility hormones, to avoid any possible complications after the procedure.

Captique during Pregnancy

Given that the Captique injection gels contain only plant-based hyaluronic acid, the procedure can be performed during pregnancy. However, the procedure hasn't been tested on pregnant women yet. Talk to the surgeon and discuss your options. Let the physician know if you're taking any vitamins or hormones. He can decide whether the procedure is recommended. Some women opt to get this procedure only after pregnancy.

Captique after Pregnancy

Captique may be performed after pregnancy. You may want to wait 6 weeks after delivering the baby and get the procedure only after this period.

Even though Captique can be performed during pregnancy, you should still be informed whether the procedure has any contraindications or is not recommended for certain medical conditions. Schedule a meeting with a surgeon and find out if you are a suitable candidate for Captique.

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