Pregnancy and Evolence

Evolence is a type of dermal filler and can be used by both men and women. It offers results that are very natural looking and the recovery period needed is very minimal. Patients experience little to no side effects. The product is a simple gel–like solution that is injected into wrinkles in the face, lines and even in certain scars that can make a person look older than they really are.

How Evolence Works

Evolence is given through a needle and goes straight into the fold or wrinkles in the patient's face. The entire procedure lasts 15 to 30 minutes and is considered an outpatient procedure. The surgeon may numb the area being treated as this will help with any discomfort the patient may experience.

Evolence  before Pregnancy

Evolence is safe to get before you become pregnant, as it is just a gel that is injected into the lines and wrinkles in the face. Because side effects are very minimal, it should be okay to get pregnant, if you are thinking about it shortly after you finish your treatments.

Evolence during Pregnancy

Evolence has not been tested for use during pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding, so therefore it is recommended to stay away from it at these times. It is best to postpone it until after you have your baby and are done breastfeeding.

Evolence should be used with caution and should not be used in areas other than the face. Other areas have yet to be tested. Consult with your doctor before the procedure, and you should take a pregnancy test beforehand just to be sure that you are not pregnant.

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