Pregnancy and Hylaform

Expecting mothers who are considering Hylaform may be wondering if this procedure is compatible with their pregnancy. Knowing more about this product will provide more general knowledge about what is commonly done in cosmetic dermatology and how it affects different kinds of patients.

What is Hylaform?

Hylaform is called a dermal filler by dermatology specialists. It is injected below the skin to fill in specific areas and to help provide a different look for a particular region of the face or body. Hylaform is an “avian” dermal filler, as it contains avian material. Medical experts specify that this product is generally not suitable for anyone with avian allergies.

Hylaform and FDA Approval

Hylaform has been approved by the US food and drug administration for use in a general public patient base. This kind of dermal filler is administered by specialists all over the country, and procedures to provide a more youthful look.

Hylaform and Pregnancy

Many medical experts recommend that pregnant women avoid this kind of procedure if possible. The reason for this is simple: though some tests have been done with Hylaform, it has not been specifically tested on pregnant women. For many individuals, it should be easy to avoid scheduling this kind of procedure during the term of a pregnancy.

Women who want more information about using Hylaform can talk to their local doctors about when and how to pursue schedule procedures aimed at rejuvenating the skin.

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