Pregnancy and Juvederm

JUVEDERM ® is a cosmetic filler which can help patients who are interested in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. However, some patients may not be ideal candidates. Those patients who are pregnant need to talk with their physician about the possible side effects of JUVEDERM ® treatments if they are interested in having their lines filled in.

Can Pregnant Women Use JUVEDERM ® ?

JUVEDERM ® is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance. But since it is manufactured, it contains other ingredients to make the acid useful as a dermal filler. Current research shows that this dermal filler is not dangerous to pregnant women, though specific studies on pregnant women have not been completed as of 2010. Those who are pregnant will need to discuss possible side effects with their physician in order to determine if this is a treatment which is right for them, but not all doctors are consistent on their recommendations. Women who are breast feeding may also want to consider the possibility of the JUVEDERM ® ingredients spreading to their breast milk. As with any chemical, a woman needs to weigh the risks of using this cosmetic injection during their pregnancy. Some women might feel more comfortable waiting until after giving birth and after completing breast feeding, as the potential for problems is still a possibility.

JUVEDERM ® can help a woman feel better about her skin and her appearance. But during pregnancy, this cosmetic filler may cause harm to the baby. It it up to the mother to decide whether the risks are too great, though science is suggesting JUVEDERM ® is safe for all users.

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