Radiesse Cost and Financing Options

As with all cosmetic procedures, the cost or Radiesse will depend partly on where you live and the particular fees charged by your chosen provider. The cost of receiving this treatment will also depend on the number of areas to be treated, the number of injections required and the amount of Radiesse to be administered with each injection. In general, Radiesse costs between $650 and $800 for each syringe; however, an accurate estimate for your personalized treatment plan can only be achieved by consulting with the doctor who will be performing the procedure.

Patients can expect their Radiesse treatment session to cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the abovementioned factors. For patients who may not be able to, or prefer not to, pay for their treatment upfront, there are several payment and financing options that may be available to assist the patient in making Radiesse more affordable. Many medspas and doctor’s offices offer convenient in-house payment options, such as payment plans that allow patients to make monthly payments until the total amount owed is repaid. This is a viable option for many patients and can assist you in receiving the cosmetic procedures you desire, regardless of your ability to pay for the procedure at the time of treatment.

Other financing options include a variety of financing companies that specifically offer their services to patients in need of funding for medical or cosmetic procedures. There are many options available, including some that offer easy payments as low as $50 per month, repayment periods of up to five years, or introductory periods with low or no interest. There are financing companies that offer financing to patients who may have experienced credit issues in the past, and most have simple online applications and 24-hour approval processes.

With in-house and external payment and financing options readily available, patients can achieve a more youthful appearance and increase their confidence with Radiesse, without the worry of determining how to pay for the procedure in a single lump sum at the time of treatment.

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