Radiesse for Women

Radiesse is a dermal filler that is used to reduce wrinkled or sunken areas on the face. The ingredients and the minimal side effects make Radiesse a popular cosmetic procedure. Radiesse is a treatment that can be applied on women and men; the majority of patients that get Radiesse are female.

What Women Can Expect

Radiesse is a treatment that uses synthetic ingredients (CaHA or calcium hydroxiapatite) that are similar to the natural substance that is produced by the human body. This substance is injected in the fat tissues and will fill the deeper lines and wrinkles on the face or possible sunken areas. The procedure in women has the same effects as in men.

One concern in women that consider Radiesse is pregnancy; the procedure should be avoided during this period and also during breastfeeding. The synthetic substance injected under the skin may not have the typical effects, due to the increased level of hormones in pregnant women.

Radiesse is a short procedure that requires only a local numbing agent and will be applied in just a few minutes. The effects of Radiesse can be visible for up to 9 months; the procedure can be repeated.

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