Recovery after a Hylaform Procedure

Patients considering a Hylaform dermal filler procedure for getting cosmetic enhancements from qualified dermatologists may be looking at what to expect after the Hylaform treatment session is over. Doctors use this product by injecting it under the skin in order to smooth out wrinkles and provide a more youthful appearance, or other enhancements to parts of the face or body.

Recovery After Hylaform

Doctors who routinely deal with this type of procedure know that Hylaform procedures often require no recovery time at all. After a Hylaform treatment session that can typically last up to an hour, patients are often free to resume normal activities. However, as with any similar product, there are instances where complications or side effects can require recovery time. Some doctors have reported that in cases where a lot of Hylaform is used to plump up lips, there can be some aftereffects.

Potential Side Effects with Hylaform

Although some doctors specify that side effects are relatively rare in use of Hylaform, some patients do experience minor to moderate swelling after the injections. According to how the Hylaform is used,  patients may also get some bruising in the treated areas. Each patient's response to this type of product is different. Doctors also consult patients prior to the procedure to avoid potential negative interactions with drugs like aspirin or blood thinners, or cases where avian allergies may lead to complications with Hylaform, a filling product containing avian materials.

The short answer to recovery time with Hylaform is that the patient is not likely to need any substantial recovery time. It is helpful to consult with a dermatology specialist about specific conditions and whether or not Hylaform is likely to be the best solution for a cosmetic procedure.

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