Similar Treatments and Alternatives for Purtox

Purtox cosmetic treatment is an injectable facial filler that can quickly reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, recessed areas and sagging skin in the face and neck. However, it's not a permanent solution and it, like some other facial fillers, contains toxic chemicals that sometimes cause adverse allergic reactions. If you're hoping to find an alternative treatment that offers similar results, you should consider the following:

Poly-l-lactic Acid Facial Filler

Purtox is a botulinum toxin facial filler that essentially causes your skin to swell and smooth out in reaction to the toxin. While it works virtually immediately, the result is often a bit unnatural-looking and is also quite obvious to anyone who saw you the day before. Choosing instead a Poly-l-lactic acid-based filler, such as Sculptra, is an advantage in several ways. Poly-l-lactic acid is a natural compound produced by the body, so it's entirely biocompatible and has a much lower risk of dangerous side effects. While Poly-l-lactic acid takes much longer than botulinum toxin before you see results (you'll need between four and six sessions spread out once every two weeks), the gradual change is more natural-looking and less obvious. The results also last longer than botulinum toxin, as you'll need a series of maintenance sessions once every two years instead of once every four to six months.

Bi-Polar Radio Frequency

A completely non-invasive alternative to Purtox and other facial fillers that nonetheless offers similar results is bi-polar radio frequency and optical light treatment, such as ReFirme. There are no injections or incisions made with bi-polar radio frequency treatment; instead your cosmetic specialist will run a specialized tool in circular motions over your skin. Results take longer than with facial fillers, but the results are entirely natural and are an aftereffect of increased collagen production. You should expect to have three to four initial sessions spread six to sixteen weeks apart; however, the results are longer-lasting than toxin facial fillers, as you will only need one to two maintenance sessions once a year. The biggest drawback, however, is that bi-polar radio frequency is not able to add significant volume where there is none, such as in hollow cheeks or shallow undereyes.

Rhytidectomy (Face Lift)

The only way to get permanent results is through a face lift surgical procedure. While significantly more costly and invasive than Purtox and the other alternatives, there are no regular maintenance routines or a need for multiple sessions just to see results. (Unless you have more than one area worked on.) Surgery can allow for dramatic changes, such as sculpting the cheeks, brows, chin, jawline and neck, that fillers cannot offer. Results are almost as fast as toxin facial fillers, too, except that you'll have to take off about a week from work to recover and may have swelling for a month or so after the procedure.

You may find, after discussing all of these alternatives with your cosmetic specialist, that Purtox is actually the best option for your cosmetic goals. However, it's best to at least consider your alternatives before you decide.

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