Special cases using Botox or Dysport

As we grow old, our facial skin degrades and loses its firmness and elasticity. As muscle tone diminishes, we get those sagging foreheads, brows and sunken cheeks. At this point, various lines and wrinkles form in our faces. Everyone, as they reach the age of 40 start to notice these unwelcome changes. Now, you should know that with today’s technology, surgery isn’t your only choice. There are a variety of age-defying non-surgical options that allow you to avoid invasive facelifts. These techniques, which are usually minimally invasive, can help you achieve your aesthetic objectives.

Here are some options to consider :

Liquid Facelieft. This is one of today’s most popular age-erasing, non-surgical option that will allow you to re-experience your youth. Liquid Facelift employs organic injectable dermal fillers that gently lift and shape your face. All the while, it reduces wrinkles and other blemishes. This will result in a revitalized appearance without the downtime associated with traditional facelift surgery. It restores the fullness of your youthful face by rejuvenating the soft tissues that diminishes with age. It’s a simple 40-minute painless procedure which will allow you to continue with your daily affairs.

NonSurgical Rhinoplasty. This process is also known as scalpel-free injection rhinoplasty. It creates a more shapely nose.  Soft  tissue fillers are inject to specific areas inside the nose.  This process improves the contours of your nose in only minutes and no scalpel is needed to do the procedure. The results of this procedure usually lasts about a year.

Dermafirm. This is a Botox based necklift and facelift, an innovative application of Botox which uses micro dilution for skin enhancement and tightening. The procedure offers no loss of mimetic movement or expression. This procedure delivers firmer, tighter skin for the face, neck and cheek.

Botox is certainly becoming popular because of the benefits minus the disadvantages of surgical procedures. See the pictures below to find different results offered using Botox.





Above, you’ll see the effects of botox, 7 days after it was applied. Observe that the “crow’s feet” are much lessened compared to before.




Here you will see a woman trying to frown 7 days after the treatment.





Here you will find a lady who has very prominent jaw muscles that make her face look less feminine. With Jawline Reduction/Contouring, a more feminine and oval shape is produced.

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