What to Expect During a Hylaform Procedure

Patients considering Hylaform as a dermal filler may want to know more about specific things to consider and what to anticipate in a Hylaform procedure at the dermatologist’s office.


Preparation for a Hylaform session may include an initial consultation. It's important to note that the doctor may talk to the patient about stopping any medications that may not mix well with Hylaform treatment, including aspirin and some kinds of blood thinners, as well as some herbal supplements. Before a Hylaform session, the qualified medical professional may clean the facial area or remove make-up in order to better access the skin.

The Hylaform Procedure

A typical Hylaform treatment will take up to an hour. According to medical experts, the injection process generally takes 10 to 15 minutes. Patients should expect the possible application of some kind of numbing cream or local anesthetic.

After cleaning the application area, doctors will inject the Hylaform into the face directly. Though experts generally consider this a pain-free procedure, the patient might feel some discomfort from the needle. Some patients report feeling some "lumpiness" in target areas, particularly under the eyes. Patients can talk to their doctors about any immediate effects of the procedure.

After the Hylaform Procedure

In general, the effects of a Hylaform treatment are immediately visible. Patients should anticipate the possibility of some minor swelling or bruising, according to the specific use of Hylaform as a dermal filler. However, according to some of the doctors who administer this product, there is often no recovery time needed, and the patient can resume normal activities. As a rule, the effects of Hylaform will stay in place for a period of about six months. As a less permanent dermal filler, Hylaform may not be one of the longer lasting solutions, but it does have some high ratings from some doctors who consider it safer than synthetic semi-permanent products.

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