What to Expect during Hyperhidrosis BOTOX Treatment

Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment is a minor surgical procedure that is used to correct atypical and excessive sweating. The condition known as hyperhidrosis literally means "excess of water," and refers to the unusual and excessive sweating that can occur in many places throughout the body, like the underarms, feet, palms, back and stomach. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, Botox? can be used to paralyze the sweat glands, thereby helping to treat your condition.

The Procedure

The Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment procedure involves the application of Botox? to certain areas of the skin that are affected. Most commonoly, this is done through a series of small injections, placed at carefully calculated areas around the body in order to allow the neurotoxin to be distributed evenly throughout the affected area. Depending upon how much of your body is affected and how much of the treatment you are planning to receive, you'll have a different injection method.


Most Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatments will take no more than an hour to complete, and many are quite a bit shorter than that. Expect to have to recover for a few days and to be very sore and swollen during the recuperation period. Also, ensure that you follow your doctor's advice as carefully as possible for post operative care in order to ensure that there are no infections or other complications that might affect your healing and recovery process.

For more information about the Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment mentioned here, speak with a dermatologist in your area for answers to additional questions you may have.

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