Active FX (Fractional Resurfacing)

What is ActiveFX?

ActiveFX or fractional resurfacing is a laser based treatment which offers patients the ability to see quick results with minimal recovery periods. The treatment is great for age spots, wrinkles, scars, and loose skin. It is generally a great way to see skin rejuvenation in minimal time.

Who is an ideal candidate for Active FX?

Individuals who are looking for minimally invasive treatment options with quick results should seek out ActiveFX. As a laser based technology, ActiveFX allows for quick skin rejuvenation with little healing time because it only resurfaces specific areas of the skin and not the entire epidermal surface. This invigorates the body’s healing potential and the skin is renewed in less time. This is great for those seeking a quicker skin rejuvenation process.

What treatment area is ActiveFX best for?

Treatments can range from the face, neck, chest, and hands. Other areas of treatment may be discussed with a dermatologist.

Are ActiveFX treatments permanent?

Treating age spots, scars, and other various unwanted skin blemishes can have long lasting results with ActiveFX if patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and take proper care of their skin. No skin rejuvenation treatment is permanent however, and repeat treatments may be necessary after years of further aging and wear on the skin.

How is the Active FX treatment performed?

ActiveFX treatments are performed with the use of laser technology which involves a local anesthetic to numb the skin before the treatment begins. A laser is used to fractionally resurface the desired treatment area. The laser involves the use of high-pulsed light which acts to purposefully damage areas of skin to be removed, including areas with discoloration and areas with wrinkles. The treatment is usually performed once until the patient desires to have it repeated later.

What is the Active FX recovery period like?

Recovering from the procedure is much like any laser treatment. The skin may feel slightly sunburned and swollen and require a bit of cooling, such as with aloe vera gel for example. The skin will likely appear as a sunburn and this will subside over a few days or weeks as the skin heals and begins to peel. Keeping the skin moisturized is always a good idea as is avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. It is possible to get back to work and an everyday routine after the procedure as long as the skin is taken care of.

When do I see results from ActiveFX?

Results are often visible right away and progressively get more noticeable as time goes by. The skin will peel and heal over and new collagen is formed, thus filling fine lines, removing discolorations on the face, and tightening loose skin. The results may reach their peak up to five months after the initial treatment.

Is ActiveFX covered by health insurance providers?

ActiveFX is considered a cosmetic procedure, so most health insurance providers will not cover the costs. However, researching what your insurance will cover and what options you have with a physician is a great idea.

By Staff
Updated: October 28, 2009

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