Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Profractional Resurfacing

The cosmetic treatment called profractional resurfacing is a laser treatment that uses heat energy to rejuvenate the facial areas by promoting collagen under the skin. Some doctors refer to profractional resurfacing as a re-surfacing of the face because the laser creates tiny wounds that cause collagen to quickly develop around them. Many of the health and cosmetic benefits of profractional resurfacing are directly related to how collagen works in the body.

Qualified dermatologists can describe how profractional resurfacing would work for a specific patient. Here are some of the general benefits associated with this treatment.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Profractional Resurfacing

One of the most common benefits of profractional resurfacing that doctors point out to patients is the effect of this laser treatment on signs of aging. When it comes to the fine lines and wrinkles that develop on the face with age, profractional resurfacing laser work can smooth these away by creating a tighter look for the skin. When the collagen fills in these areas, a lot of the physical signs of aging are swept away from facial areas. Most of this benefit is cosmetic, but patients who receive profractional resurfacing often end up looking healthier as well as younger.

Nourished Skin

To the extent that collagen provides for healthier skin, profractional resurfacing can be beneficial in generating a lot of this stuff in various areas of the face. In some cases, profractional resurfacing can provide for healthy pigmentation that also makes a person look younger, in better health, or more full of vitality.

Benefits of Profractional Resurfacing for Sun Damage

Profractional resurfacing is often recommended for sun damaged skin. This treatment is used mainly to combat the negative visual effects of sun damage in the skin, and patients should combine it with a good plan for helping avoid the continued inundation of the skin by potentially harmful UV rays.

Treating Scarring and Acne with Profractional Resurfacing

Profractional resurfacing is also used as a treatment for acne and other kinds of scarring. In general, the most effective role of profractional resurfacing is in decreasing the visual results of scarring. Doctors can explain the role of this laser therapy in a greater plan to limit and care for different kinds of scarring on the face.

Beyond these common cosmetic benefits of profractional resurfacing, some doctors may point out that because the process promotes elements like collagen and elastin, it may be associated with some other benefits of having tissues that are amply provided with these natural substances. Some doctors recommend collagen supplements for health benefits in other areas of the body, such as for assistive treatments in dealing with joint pain.

Talk to your doctor about the specifics of profractional resurfacing for you, and whether you are a good candidate for this kind of procedure. Good consultation with qualified medical professionals helps prepare patients for the best final result for any kind of laser therapy or treatment. Learn more about profractional resurfacing and how this kind of skin rejuvenation may play a role in continued health and a youthful appearance.

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