FDA Approval Status for Active FX

Active FX works as a skin resurfacing product which implements carbon dioxide laser technology. The treatment technology, collectively known as Lumenis Family of UltraPulse SurgiTouch CO2 Laser Systems, was granted FDA approval during the beginning of 2003.

Safety and Efficiency

Like other skin resurfacing laser treatments, Active FX treats a wide range of skin conditions, from aging effects like wrinkles and skin folds, to sun damages and skin pigmentation spots. Other treatment types include removing moderate scarring caused by surgeries or previous acne, plus an overall improvement in skin tone.

The high powered lasers used in the Active FX procedure work to break down layers of skin rather than completely remove damaged areas. This process allows the patient’s skin on his or her face to grow back naturally in healthier networks. The new skin layers replace the old, and following the procedure, the treated area matches the rest of the healthy skin surrounding the treated region.

Other Information

The entire family of products under the Lumenis brand name generally work as skin rejuvenation tools. Active FX acts as one of the more reputable choices, largely due to the low rate of adverse side effects and health risks caused by the procedure. The skin resurfacing effects provided by Active FX cause little to no downtime for its patients.

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