Fotofacial/IPL Cost and Financing Options

Fotofacial/IPL rejuvenation is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic treatment, with costs generally ranging from $400 to $600 per treatment session. However, most individuals require several treatment sessions to see the effects they are hoping for. Some Fotofacial/IPL treatment providers may offer packages, which offer multiple treatments at a slight discount from the cost of paying for a single treatment at a time.

Most practitioners accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, check and credit cards, and some Fotofacial/IPL facilities offer installment programs or other types of interest-based financing that allow patients to pay for their procedures over time. These types of financing options can vary significantly from practice to practice, so be sure to ask your specialist about the types of financing arrangements they may offer to their Fotofacial/IPL patients.

If your Fotofacial/IPL practitioner’s office does not offer its own financing program, or if you feel you may be more interested in obtaining financing for your procedures from another source, there are several financing institutions that offer loans specifically designed for cosmetic surgery patients.

If you are unsure of the financing options that may be available to you, most Fotofacial/IPL practitioners have staff on hand who can help you explore your options. These staff members remain current on information regarding all financing options, including those offered on site and those plans that are offered by third-party vendors, and can help ensure the costs of your Fotofacial/IPL procedure remain within your budget.

While Fotofacial/IPL procedures that are performed strictly for cosmetic reasons are generally not covered by major insurance carriers, if your procedures stems from a medical condition, such as rosacea, you may be covered for all or part of your treatment. Be sure to ask your medical insurance provider about any coverage options which may be offered under your specific health insurance plan.

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