Fraxel for Men

Fraxel is a cutting-edge laser treatment technology that is both safe and non-invasive. It is frequently used by dermatologists to correct the appearance of skin problems ranging from fine wrinkles to severe sunspots. It has various levels of intensity, meaning different levels of downtime, number of treatments needed, and different types of results. This means a dermatologist can adjust the intensity of the treatment to each individual's needs.

How It Works

In Fraxel treatment, several laser columns penetrate the dermis, creating microscopic lesions. This prompts the body's natural healing response, triggering it to expedite the production of collagen and elastin. As the skin heals, the fresh collagen and elastic give back the skin's original youthful appearance.

The procedure is so exact that only a fraction (hence the name Fraxel) of skin must be treated in order to create complete results.

Fraxel for Men

This procedure is safe for everyone to use, including men. Depending upon the severity of the man's skin problems, the dermatologist may opt for Fraxel Re:pair, the most aggressive form of treatment, or Fraxel Re:Store or Fraxel Re:fine, more gentle options for milder skin problems. These treatments are particularly effective for removing acne and surgical scars, sun spots, uneven pigmentation, redness and wrinkles in men.

Male patients who are interested in learning more about Fraxel should consult with a dermatologist in their area.

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