How Fraxel Repair is Performed

Fraxel Repair is the most recently launched treatment from the fraxel family of treatments that employ fractional technology. Fraxel repair is the most aggressive treatment from the fraxel family and can be used to reduce wrinkles, lines, acne scars and age spots; the procedure improves the texture of the skin in the same treatment. Loosening of the skin on the face or neck can also be addressed when using the fraxel repair treatment.

Preparations for the Procedure

The face and treated areas need to be totally cleansed prior to the treatment.

An anesthetic ointment will be applied on the skin, to numb the face. This is done 60 minutes before the treatment, to allow the cream to become effective. The surgeon may also indicate you to take some drugs such as Antivan, which will have a relaxing effect.

During the Fraxel Repair Procedure

The fraxel repair procedure is performed using a laser device. The laser uses carbon dioxide (CO2) energy. The CO2 lasers are powerful, having a 14000nm wavelength. The power of the laser can be adapted according to each patient in part and the severity of the scars, age spots or complexity of sun damage.

The plastic surgeon will also use 1 or 2 Zimmer coolers, which will diminish the discomfort and will also reduce post treatment swelling. The eyes will be covered to protect them from the laser beams; the patient may wear some goggles or have some bandages placed on the eyes while the procedure is performed.

The CO2 laser device is applied directly on the skin and the plastic surgeon will move the laser device slowly, making sure to cover all problem areas. The aggressiveness of the treatment is adjustable. The microscopic laser beams penetrate the skin and will help it regenerate, while stimulating the skin cells to produce collagen.

After the laser treatment is finished, the patient will be placed under LED light treatment, which will minimize the swelling and redness and will reduce the down time.

Duration of Fraxel Repair Procedure

A fraxel repair procedure requires about 30 to 40 minutes for the treatment of a full face. Being a more aggressive treatment, fraxel repair does only require one appointment.

The use of CO2 laser repair treatment with a 14,000 nm wavelength will result in a fast recovery time and no risks that other ablative lasers may cause.

Variations in Fraxel Techniques

There are several fraxel treatments available, including fraxel refine and fraxel restore. These techniques all use fractional technology, but vary in the level of aggressiveness. For the restore and refine treatments, the patients will require 3 to 5 sessions to get optimal results.

Fraxel repair is the only ablative treatment technique, while refine and restore employ non-ablative techniques.

If you have age spots, wrinkles or fine lines, scars or acne scars and abnormal pigmentation, you can choose one of the fraxel treatments. Visit a cosmetic surgeon to determine which procedure is more suitable for your skin.

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