How is Fotofacial/IPL Performed?

The Fotofacial/IPL technique is a noninvasive skin rejuvenation technique that relies on varying wavelengths of light to remove and repair skin that has been damaged as a result of sun exposure, acne, smoking, alcohol, rosacea, or as a result of the natural aging process. Fotofacial/IPL uses broadband light, unlike lasers which use specific narrow bands of energy to achieve their results.

During your initial consultation, your specialist will help determine which areas require treatment and help devise an individualized plan to help you achieve the results your looking for. Most Fotofacial/IPL procedures can be performed in abut a half hour to 45 minutes, and involve little or no discomfort. The procedure is performed in an outpatient setting, either in your clinician’s office or at a spa or other cosmetic center.

During your Fotofacial/IPL rejuvenation procedure, the treatment provider will pass a specially designed hand piece back and forth over the surface of the skin, directing the light’s energy into the deep tissues of the skin to erase damage and even out skin tones. Because the beams of energy penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, the upper layers of skin are left intact and undamaged, resulting in significantly less recovery time and less pain and discomfort than similar facial rejuvenation techniques.

Most men and women who choose Fotofacial/IPL rejuvenation require multiple treatments to see the desired results. Your specialist will design a program that is suited to your goals, but most patients require between four and six treatments, which are usually spaced about three to four weeks apart.

Once your Fotofacial/IPL session is complete, you may experience some redness and swelling which will disappear soon after treatment. Most individuals return to their normal routines immediately following treatment, and makeup can be applied right after treatment to help camouflage any redness that occurs.

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