How Laser 360 is Performed

Laser 360 is a popular skin rejuvenation procedure. The procedure combines laser and light treatments to treat skin imperfections resulting from the effects of age, accidents or over exposure to the sun. The procedure works within 60 days and makes use of 3 different light wavelengths, hence the name laser 360. The procedure is ideal for treating different parts of the face, the chest and areas around the neck.

By choosing to use laser 360, you will be able to cut on your treatment bill, as the procedure combines three different laser treatments into one. You will end up spending more if you choose to have each of those procedures done independently. However, you should note that there are several variations of Laser 360 treatment. The procedure adopted depends on the medical facility and the severity of your skin condition.

The procedure is among the top choices for those who are not keen on invasive surgery, like face lifts for instance. Face lifts are risky since the procedure entails a patient to go under the knife. Other than the sheer pain associated with invasive surgery, the healing period can result in complications resulting from the infection. Creams and lotions may sound like a safer option, but they too carry a risk, especially to patients with sensitive skin or who suffer allergic reactions. You should weigh all these options and consult with your physician before settling on any skin rejuvenation procedure.

Laser Aft 540nm Treatment

This type of laser 360 treatment makes use of Laser Aft 540nm. This treatment uses an advanced pulsed light and it targets discoloration resulting from over-exposure to the sun, blood vessels and excessive production of melanin.

The second phase of Laser Aft 540nm treatment focuses on Laser Skin Tightening. Loss of collagen affects the firmness of the skin and the Laser Skin Tightening treatment, or ST, stimulates the growth of collagen by deep dermal heating. Finally, Laser Pixel 2940nm is done. This treatment improves the tone and the texture of the skin and it works by stimulating the growth of collagen, just like Laser Skin Tightening. It also improves the texture of the skin since it is an ablative treatment to the skin’s outer layers.

AFT Laser System Treatment

In another variation of the Laser 360 treatment, the first phase involves the use of an AFT laser system. The AFT is an intense pulsed light laser and it works by improving the pigmentation and the vascular aspects of the skin, thereby reducing brown age spots, improving the skin color, and treating blood vessels to reduce the chances of rosacea.

The second phase makes use of pulsed light laser SR 570 module. This treatment is all about photo rejuvenation of the skin, meaning the treatment of skin that has suffered extensively due to over-exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun, or that has been damaged by illness, hormonal changes, smoking or a poor diet. Finally, the intense pulsed light Pixel 2940 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing module is used in 2 to 4 steps, and the treatment is designed to improve the texture of the skin by gentle resurfacing. It is effective for people with acne scars, large pores, chicken pox scars and wrinkles.

Other uses of Laser 360 treatment are the removal of stretch marks and vein therapy to remove spider veins. Some variations of the treatment take more than 3 treatments.

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