How To Choose a Fotofacial/IPL Provider

Selecting the best specialist for your Fotofacial/IPL treatment is a big decision, and one that you shouldn’t rush into. To get the best results that meet or even exceed your own expectations, it’s important to do a little research on your own first about the procedure itself, including the steps involved in the treatment, whether or not you are a good candidate for the Fotofacial/IPL procedure, what your own specific expectations are, and whether or not the Fotofacial/IPL procedure is the best procedure to achieve those goals.

Once you feel comfortable with the procedure and what it can do for you, you will be better positioned to discuss your questions and concerns with the specialist, and to choose the treatment provider who is best suited to your needs.

The initial consultation visit is an ideal time to get to know your specialist. To help identify whether or not a specialist is a good choice for you, consider addressing the following points during your first visit with a Fotofacial/IPL treatment specialist:

  • Ask your specialist about their direct experience in performing the Fotofacial/IPL technique, as well as their general background in cosmetic treatments. Be sure the specialist has additional training to allow them to perform the procedure successfully.
  • Ask to see before and after photos of other clients who have had the same procedure performed. Ideally, you should ask to see photos of patients with the same conditions as you, in order to best judge the results you might expect. Some clinicians also offer testimonials written by previous clients, detailing their own experiences.
  • Ask about financing. Because the Fotofacial/IPL procedure usually requires more than one session, some specialists offer programs consisting of several treatments at a discounted price. Also ask about financing programs, if you will not be paying for your procedure out of pocket.
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