How to Prepare for an Active FX Treatment

Active FX treatment calls for the use of CO2 laser to induce disintegration of damaged tissue and stimulate re-ephithelialization of new skin. If you've decided to pursue this treatment, there are certain details that must be attended to prior to your procedure to ensure a successful outcome.

No Pre-Existing Skin Condition

CO2 laser can induce the inflammations, infections and can cause cancer recurrence. If you have any of the following, you need to reconfirm your candidacy for the procedure with your doctor.

  • Open wounds
  • Current or a history of bacterial or viral infections, including HIV and herpes simplex
  • Current or a history of skin cancer

Avoid Sun Exposure

Exposure to UV rays can damage the skin's ability to regenerate. Sun exposure should be avoided at least 3 or 4 weeks prior to procedure.

No Aspirin or Alcohol

Aspirin and alcohol will deter the healing process and subject you to higher risks of post-treatment bleeding and inflammations.

Stop All Photosensitive Medication and Herbs

Photosensitive drugs like Accutane will exacerbate side effects. They should be discontinued for 6 months prior to the procedure. If you are taking any herbs, check with your doctor.

Vitamin C and Pre-Treatment Medications

Your doctor will ask you to take Vitamin C for 2 weeks before the procedure. Antibiotics and antiviral medications, such as Keflex or Clindamycin and Valtrex, will also be prescribed as prophylactics. Take them as directed to prevent post-treatment infections.

Skin Preparation

Your doctor will prescribe 3 to 4 weeks of vigorous exfoliation program with a mixture of RetinA and hydroquinone to prepare the epidermis for faster degeneration. Follow this regimen as directed.

Personal Planning

Make plans for your upcoming downtime and for your post-treatment travel arrangements.

How well you prepare for the treatment can directly influence its outcome. Discuss the preparation steps fully with your doctor and follow precise instructions so that you will get the desired results.

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