Initial and Long Term Results of Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light therapy helps eliminate bacteria from the skin’s surface responsible for causing several sorts of acne. Patients often notice immediate results after one treatment session, though others do not. This technology, as of 2010, remains in development and not a definitive acne reducing method. Major tests have shown positive and negative results on initial basis.

Initial Results of Blue Light

Some patients see immediate results after a single treatment of powerful Blue Light therapy. A set of controlled tests showed that the energy waves utilized by this method killed bacteria from patients' facial surfaces, thus significantly reducing acne immediately. However, in other cases, the same tests showed an increase in acne of certain types.

This variation in results has lead many professional administering groups to speculate over the safety and effectiveness of Blue Light.

Long Term Results of Blue Light

Blue Light only provides temporary results in that levels of bacteria covering the face become killed at a specific point in time. The type of bacteria that causes acne generally resurfaces and comes back in cycles or during different times of the year for nearly all patients; this greatly differs on an individual basis.

Also, Blue Light strictly works to kill bacteria but not other acne causing agents. For example, acne occurs because of bacteria, an increased production of sebum on different areas of the face, the rapid shedding of skin cells, or due to an overall increase in the secretion of other inflammatory substances.

Blue Light does not act as a permanent solution for reducing acne, and long term results will differ between each patient. Practicing other facial cleansing methods helps prolong results.

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