Considering Intense Pulsed-Light Therapy?

If you've considered treatment options for age-spots but are concerned about the level of invasion or down-time associated with many procedures, Intense Pulsed-Light therapy (IPL) could be a great choice for you. Some of its benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced pain and recovery time compared to laser or chemical-related procedures
  • Protection of the delicate epidermal layer
  • Brief, "lunch-hour" treatment time
  • Improvement in the visibility of age-spots, melasma, enlarged blood vessels, and freckles

IPL therapy is a process where broad-spectrum light is applied to the deeper layers of the skin, encouraging new skin growth similar to photosynthesis in plants. There is far less damage associated with IPL than with some laser treatments, which is why there is virtually no recovery time and minimal side effects, although most patients require a series of IPL treatments over the course of a few weeks to achieve the improvement they?re looking for. Ask your specialist about IPL for more information about this amazing new procedure.

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