Most Common Uses of Laser Light Therapy

There are numerous cosmetic procedures that involve the use of high-energy laser light, and they all are grouped under laser light therapy. Although laser light therapy is used primarily for medical reasons, it is also widely used for cosmetic procedures. A safe amount of laser light is used for rejuvenating the facial skin and skin of other areas like neck, back and abdomen. This therapy aims to eliminate the age-related wrinkles, fine lines and spots, along with the blemishes and scars.

Various uses of laser light are brought about by altering the type and penetration depth of the laser light used for the specific treatment.

Tattoo Removal

In certain phase of life, people get a fascination towards tattooing; however, the scars caused by them are deeply rooted. Hence, the removal of a tattoo can be effectively done only with the help of laser lights. The tattooed portions of the skin are treated with a high concentration of laser light, and the heat generated will break down the tattoo ink into tiny pieces that they can no longer cause a scar. The tiny fragments get expelled out by the body’s immune system. Advanced technological devices of recent days reduce the scarring to the least amount, which is becoming a more popular method for tattoo removal.

Treats Lentigines

Lentigines refer to the cutaneous pigmented lesions. Light skinned people with such lesions over small areas of the skin can be effectively treated with the laser light therapy. Q-switch laser is used in brief pulses, such that the photomechanical force of the laser can effectively remove the pigmented lesions without causing much scarring.

Hair Loss Treatment

Low laser light therapy is a method of supplementing the body with light energy. The light energy is absorbed by the body, and it gets converted into chemical energy for reducing the hair loss caused due to ailments. The wavelength of the laser light is adjusted to match the red blood cells so that greater absorption is achieved to control the hair loss. Thus, the low laser light therapy is claimed to stimulate the regeneration and repair of the damaged tissues.

Hair Removal

Hair in unwanted regions can become a big issue for both men and women. Although there are various hair removal methods like tweezing, shaving, waxing and so on, all these methods do not offer a permanent relief and may result in unwanted scarring and thickening of skin over a period of time. When laser light energy is used for the hair removal, results can be permanent and can be used for smaller or larger areas with the same effectiveness. Moreover, it can be used for hair removal on body regions like the legs, pubic areas, chest and face. The laser light energy gets absorbed by the hair pigment, thereby damaging the hair follicles permanently. Therefore, the results can be permanent as the damaged hair follicle cannot produce hair again.

Although there are various uses of laser light therapy with minimum side effects, it is safer only when it is performed by a trained and experienced person. Otherwise, potential complications like uneven tones or blistering of skin may occur.

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