Post-Blue Light Therapy: Lifestyle & Maintenance

Blue Light therapy is an acne treatment that is suitable for eliminating mild to moderate acne. The Blue Light treatment will focus on killing the bacteria that thrives on the oils of the skin and cause the occurrence of acne. The lifestyle of the patient after the Blue Light therapy will influence the durability of the effects of the treatment.

After Blue Light Home Care

Immediately after the Blue Light treatment, the patient should follow the recommendations of the Blue Light specialist. The skin will be more sensitive, so sun exposure should be avoided. The patient should wear a higher protection factor sun screen than usual.

The skin may be irritated and the patient may apply some chamomile compresses to soothe the skin. If the skin becomes flaky, the patient should not try to remove the dead skin cells. Instead there are moisturizing creams that can be used to help the healing of the skin. These creams shouldn’t be extra rich, so as not to promote the formation of oil on the surface of the skin.

Acne Care

Acne outbursts occur due to bacteria that thrive on oily skin. People with an excess of oil produced by the sebaceous glands are more exposed to acne vulgaris. The oil will gather in the skin pores and the P. acnes bacteria will develop into forming acne. The acne can further develop into whiteheads or blackheads.

After the Blue Light treatment, it is essential to keep the skin clean and prevent the gathering of oil. For this reason, the skin should be cleaned at least twice per day using a generic facial cleanser. Before using the cleanser, the face should be thoroughly washed with cold water.

Skin Products

After the Blue Light therapy treatment, the skin products used by the patient are essential in maintaining the effects of the treatment for longer. If the patient uses products that will facilitate the production of skin oils and the development of the P. acnes bacteria, the acne is very likely to reoccur.

The facial creams and lotions should be specially formulated for the type of skin of the patient (oily skin) and shouldn’t contain fragrances or other chemicals that could facilitate the occurrence of acne or cause negative reactions on the skin, which will make the skin oily. The Blue Light specialist may recommend a few facial creams that contain different ingredients that are effective in preventing the gathering of bacteria and formation of acne. Makeup that will clog the pores is not recommended, as it will promote the development of acne.

Additional Treatments

The patient may require additional Blue Light treatments to get the best possible results. If the patient’s skin tends to be oily, the acne may return. Repeated Blue Light treatments will diminish the production of oils and the development of acne.

The Blue Light specialist may recommend medication or other skin products or peels that will help maintain the results of the Blue Light therapy for longer.

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