SmartXide Dot Therapy and Dry Skin

Dry skin does not diminish nor increase the results of SmartXide Dot Therapy. As a laser based fractional resurfacing skin rejuvenation product, the SmartXide method provides virtually equal results to all patients, regardless of skin tone or textural type. Severity of aging effects do cause fluctuations in patient results and treatment, though.

Dry Skin and SmartXide

The SmartXide Dot Therapy option works to remove signs of aging through fractional resurfacing. This method breaks down damaged layers of skin. The patient then grows a new layer of healthy skin in place of the old.

Those patients with dry skin will encounter a slightly different treatment type, not because of the moisture deficiency, but because every patient receives a specifically designed procedure. SmartXide utilizes technology that works to provide each single client with the most comfortable and effective care.

Patients with dry skin face equal risk as every other patient. Although rare, side effects caused by SmartXide Dot Therapy sometimes grow serious. However, this method will never cause an allergen outbreak, due to the use of energy instead of chemical ingredients.

The positive results from the SmartXide method generally last several months; this partially depends on the size of the treatment area and the patient's ability to take care of his or her skin.

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