SmartXide Dot Therapy and Fair Skin Tones

SmartXide Dot Therapy works equally on nearly every patient. In fact, this fractional resurfacing method provides a specific, custom made procedure to each client. Those with fair skin tones face the same level of risk and reward in comparison to other patients.

Fair Skin and SmartXide Dot Therapy

The SmartXide procedure benefits those with fair skin tones. However, some with light skin do notice an increased level of redness after the procedure concludes. All redness and swelling diminish within days or weeks after the treatment ends.

This hypoallergenic treatment helps all patients avoid allergic outbreaks. Only a small fraction of clients notice adverse side effects after receiving the SmartXide treatment.

SmartXide Dot Therapy acts as a noninvasive alternative to some skin rejuvenation methods. Although the skin is slightly penetrated during the procedure, recovery takes far less time than major surgical procedures.

Laser based treatments like SmartXide will help those with fair skin tones notice anti-aging benefits in a short period of time. However, sustained results occur only if patients abide by simple skin care guidelines. These post procedural steps, including daily moisturizing, help the skin recover faster. In turn, post procedural skin care measures help preserve the benefits caused by the SmartXide Dot Therapy as well.

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