SmartXide Dot Therapy and Medium Skin Tones

SmartXide Dot Therapy provides equal patient care regardless of skin tone and texture. Patients with medium skin tones face no major risks or complications after receiving SmartXide treatments. This fractional resurfacing product utilizes a completely hypoallergenic method to fight the signs of aging through laser based technology.

SmartXide and Medium Tones

This skin rejuvenation method actually breaks down microscopic regions of the skin across the treatment area in order to allow the body to grow back a healthy, new skin surface. However, this process causes redness, swelling and tightness in nearly all patients. Those with medium skin tones often notice less redness after the SmartXide treatment session concludes.

The fractional resurfacing method helps those who suffer from allergen outbreaks choose a safe and effective method. Many patients choose this method to avoid such issues. A medium skin tone will cause no increase or decrease in either risk or positive result in regard to SmartXide Dot Therapy.

SmartXide Dot Therapy utilizes a customizable method that works to fit any patient's skin type. This feature tends to help those with even the most unique skin types achieve complete skin rejuvenation goals. Many patients notice desirable, long lasting results after the recovery phase, which will differ in length depending on treatment size.



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