SmartXide Dot Therapy and Oily Skin

Those with oily skin see no difference in SmartXide Dot Therapy results in comparison with other patients. The main fluctuations in procedural results occur due to the fact that each patient possesses a unique skin condition. SmarXide's unique treatment method allows each patient to receive a customized procedure.

Oily Skin and SmartXide

Oily skin does not affect the chances of risk or rewards caused by SmartXide Dot Therapy. Those with an oily skin texture will encounter a similar treatment session to those with other skin types. The difference in treatment methods occur as a result of patients' aging effects.

Fractional resurfacing methods like SmartXide do not use chemical ingredients during treatment. Instead, these highly advanced methods utilize the power of laser based technology. Energy waves break down damaged skin layers on patients with oily to normal skin, helping every patient achieve a younger looking complexion.

Although no skin rejuvenation method, including SmartXide Dot Therapy, can provide permanent anti-aging results, those who undergo a noninvasive method face less recovery time. SmartXide serves as a slightly invasive procedure, causing only a few weeks of recovery.

Those with oily skin will notice prolonged anti-aging effects to a higher degree if healthy skin care habits occur after the treatment. Patients select a multi-treatment plan in order to maintain results to an even higher level.

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