SmartXide Dot Therapy for Adolescents

SmartXide Dot Therapy is a cosmetic procedure that employs an innovative CO2 laser technology that will give great results with minimal recovery time. SmartXide Dot Therapy can be used to reduce wrinkles, modify the texture of the skin, remove scars and lighten freckles and acne. The SmartXide Dot Therapy can be used in adults, but adolescents may also benefit from this CO2 laser treatment.

SmartXide Dot Therapy for Adolescents

SmartXide Dot Therapy employs a small device that targets small areas of the skin at a time; the CO2 laser beams penetrate the skin and rejuvenate it, removing scars. In adolescents, the SmartXide Dot Therapy treatment can be used to remove scars (such as acne scars) or to diminish the appearance of acne and freckles. Pigmentation problems may also be solved with a SmartXide Dot Therapy treatment.

The SmartXide Dot Therapy procedure has shown good results in adolescents, and the results are long lasting. However, adolescents that have acne and also take retinoid treatment should discontinue the therapy at least 2 to 6 months prior to SmartXide, as the chemicals from the drugs may interfere with the effects of the lasers, and may cause hypo or hyper pigmentation.

The recovery period is less than 1 week and possible side effects include flaking, redness and sensitivity to sun.

Typically, acne or scars can be removed in one session of SmartXide Dot Therapy; however, if the acne is severe, the patient may require several laser treatments.

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