Titan Non-Surgical Facelift

What will my skin feel like during and after my Titan treatment?

The Titan delivers and intense but brief pulse of light, repeated over the entire area being treated. The sensation is that of heat which increases over a few seconds and then dissipates before it has a chance to feel painful. Most patients find the procedure quite tolerable and no anesthesia is required. After the Titan procedure, most patients report a tighter, firmer feeling to the skin as well as a feeling of warmth for about 30 minutes following the procedure.

How many Titan treatments will it take to get a great result?

Many patients experience excellent results with just one treatment. However, optimal results are typically achieved after six "passes". This is usually accomplished in two to three treatment sessions spaced three to six weeks apart. Your laser specialist will advise you as to the optimal treatment regimen for you.

Do I have stay at home after a procedure because of the after-effects?

No. Because there is basically no reddening, swelling or scaring from this procedure, one can have the Titan performed on a long lunch hour and go right back to work without any negative signs on the skin. In fact, quite the opposite. Titan results are often instantaneous and enhance the look of the skin by the end of the procedure.

How long will my Titan results last?

Remarkably, the Titan procedure reawakens and encourages long-term healthy collagen production, so even after the treatment, your skin continues to renew and replenish itself naturally. In fact, although positive result are often seen immediately after the first treatment, accelerated collagen production continues for at least six months before reaching a plateau of steady repair work. Because the natural aging process is of course continuing, it is difficult to state precisely how long results will last, but benefits seem apparent for many years. Sun protection and meticulous skin care are necessary to maintain optimal results.

How long does the Titan procedure take?

The length of the Titan procedure depends on the number of passes being performed and the area being treated. Titan of the entire face generally takes about one hour per session.

How would you compare Titan to cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is invasive. It involves cutting and stitching as well as a recovery period during which there is generally swelling and pain. Anesthesia is required, which carries some risk. And of course there is the cost involved with surgery, anesthesia, operating room and recovery time. While the results may be quickly marvelous, they can also be tragically off the mark and irreversible. In later years, when the skin begins to sag once again, there may be a strange look to the facial features as they do not sag uniformly after cosmetic surgery. Titan repairs the skin by exciting natural healing mechanisms in the body, which creates both natural results in tightening, and uniform relaxation at a much later date. As the normal aging process continues, laser can safely be repeated. With laser, skin keeps getting better over time, where with surgery there is no such mechanism.

This DermaNetwork.org article on Titan Non-Surgical Facelift was provided by Noha Aboelata, M.D.
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