Treatments that Can be Combined with Laser 360

Laser 360 is a skin rejuvenation procedure that uses 3 technologies to make the skin younger within a timeframe of 60 days. The Laser 360 treatments will improve skin color, tone, texture and laxity. To amplify the effects of Laser 360 or to get additional cosmetic improvements, there are several other treatments that can be combined with Laser 360. These additional treatments include dermal fillers for extra volume, liposuction for fat reduction, or BOTOX® or similar treatments that reduce dynamic wrinkling.


Fat can be very difficult to get rid of from the facial and neck area, and a lot of patients that choose the Laser 360 treatment may also opt for a liposuction procedure. There are minimally invasive liposuction procedures that are suitable for the face and neck. Traditional liposuction is way too aggressive for the face, but there are laser and liquid assisted procedures such as ProLipo, Cool Lipo or Smart Lipo that can be safely used. There are also non invasive fat elimination methods, such as Lipodissolve, that can successfully reduce fat from the facial area.


Patients that don’t have extra fat, but lack facial volume, may opt for dermal fillers. Artefill is a bovine collagen dermal filler that can be safely combined with the Laser 360 treatment. Artefill should be applied after the Laser 360 treatment is finalized, so that the plastic surgeon adapts the fillers according to the new shape of the face and the tightness of the skin. Artefill may also be applied a few months after Laser 360, to enhance the effects of Laser 360, as Artefill provides a slight face lift.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The hyaluronic acid fillers have similar effects as Artefill and can be used in conjunction with the Laser 360 treatment. The hyaluronic acid fillers are applied in several sessions and will restore volume, tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.


Evolence is a dermal filler having similar effects as Artefill or the hyaluronic acid fillers. The difference between Evolence and Artefill is that it uses porcine collagen, while Artefill uses bovine collagen. Evolence is a natural dermal filler, which will mean that the body will tolerate the treatment without problems.


BOTOX® is an injectible treatment that can be applied after the Laser 360 procedure. The Laser 360 procedure reduces wrinkles and tightens skin, and the BOTOX® treatment will help maintain the skin tight by paralyzing the facial muscles. When the facial muscles contract, paths or wrinkles form on the surface of the skin, and the skin can lose its elasticity and permanent wrinkles will form. The BOTOX® injections will prevent the muscles from contracting, making it impossible for wrinkles to form. BOTOX® should be applied on a regular basis, as the botulinum injections are only effective for up to 6 months.

Purtox is a treatment that also uses botulinum toxin injections, but it is not widely used, as it hasn’t yet received FDA approval.

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