7 Reasons to Choose Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo, or the selective laser induced melting liposuction, is a new fat removal technology that employs a 920 and 920/980 nm laser wavelength. Slim Lipo is similar to Cool Lipo and Smart Lipo, however, Slim Lipo is able to liquefy more fat than these procedures and is more effective. The new technology results in even less down time that Cool Lipo or Smart Lipo, and even less bruising and swelling. There are a lot of reasons to opt for Slim Lipo.

1. Fat Removal

Slim Lipo is a procedure that can remove fat from problem areas such as stomach, hips, buttocks, arms or thighs, but it may also be used in more delicate areas such as the neck and the face.

The fat removal will be gentle, as the fat is first emulsified and then, its removal is easier and less aggressive. The fat is removed using a cannula, which is a hollow tube employed in all types of liposuction.

However, if the amount of fat is small, the suction of the fat is not necessary; the body will naturally eliminate the fat after this has been liquefied.

2. Tightens Your Skin

In addition to the fat removal, the Slim Lipo procedure will also tighten the skin, as the high frequency lasers stimulate the collagen production. Traditional liposuction does not have this benefit, leaving the skin flabby after extracting fat, so additional cosmetic procedures are needed.

In addition, the tightening of skin may reduce wrinkled skin, especially in the more sensitive areas such as the face or neck. Consequently, Slim Lipo is has fat reducing, skin tightening and wrinkle removal capacities, so it is a very convenient procedure.

3. No Scarring

Slim Lipo is a procedure that requires only small incisions that won’t even need to be sutured and will recover without causing scars. Traditional liposuction involves larger incisions that will leave scars.

4. No Tissues Are Destroyed

The Slim Lipo procedure is very gentle, due to the fact that all the fat removed is melted first. Other procedures such as the traditional liposuction only disrupt the fat cells, causing a lot of trauma and scarring; even procedures such as Cool Lipo or Smart Lipo don’t have the capacity to melt all fat, and they may cause damage to the tissues.

5. Minimal Down Time

Slim Lipo is less aggressive than any other liposuction procedures available, due to the technique employed. Typically, Slim Lipo requires no more than 4 days or recovery time.

Swelling may be present, but the chances of bruising are minimal.

6. Local Anesthesia

Slim Lipo is typically performed under anesthesia, which decreases the surgery risks and complications. However, if fat will be removed from several areas of the body, the physician will administrate a general anesthesia.

7. Cost

Compared to the cost of a traditional liposuction, Slim Lipo is more advantageous. In addition, Slim Lipo also tightens skin and reduces wrinkles, so it is like having 2 procedures at the price of one.

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