Advantages and Disadvantages of Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo is a liposuction procedure which uses lasers to break down fatty deposits in the body. By 'melting' the fat, it can more easily be removed from various areas of a male or female body. Less invasive and more targeted, Slim Lipo is helping patients trim down problem areas.

Slim Lipo Advantages

There are many advantages to using Slim Lipo for your reshaping needs. With the targeted approach, problems areas can be easily reduced within a few treatment sessions. The fat can be removed from a variety of areas, allowing patients to choose where they most need help with fat removal. The less invasive technology also leads to less bruising, pain or risk of infection. Most patients are back on their feet in a few days, with results being seen within a week.

Slim Lipo Disadvantages

Like many liposuction procedures, Slim Lipo can be costly to those without insurance to cover it. Since many health insurance companies will not reimburse for cosmetic procedures, this can become expensive. Some patients also have troubles maintaining the results of Slim Lipo as they are unable to maintain a low fat diet and exercise program. While Slim Lipo does remove fat, it is not permanent unless previous weight loss is maintained.

With Slim Lipo, patients can remove the fatty deposits which can not be reduced with diet and exercise. Though liposuction can not remove all of the extra pounds you may like it to, Slim Lipo can help you to look fantastic after losing weight on your own.

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