Cool Lipo: Myths and Facts

Cool Lipo is a cosmetic surgery procedure that employs a state of the art technology and a 1320 nm wavelength laser. The procedure is popular due to the results, cost and minimal bruising or swelling. However, there are a number of myths regarding the cool lipo that need to be clarified.

Myth: Cool Lipo Is Suitable for Everyone

Fact: Cool lipo is a cosmetic surgery that cannot be applied to any patient. The procedure is only recommended for patients that need to lose a small amount of weight (up to 25 pounds). The procedure is suitable for people with stubborn deposits of fat in problem areas such as face, chin, stomach, arms, ankles or knees that cannot be reduced by dieting or exercise.

People that have been dieting and have a lot of loose skin are also good candidates for the procedure.

Myth: Cool Lipo is Only Suitable for Fat Removal

Fact: Cool lipo is a fat removal procedure, but may also tighten the skin. The laser assisted procedure will penetrate the skin and will stimulate the collagen production. The effects will be visible a few weeks or months after the procedure, as the skin tightening process is gradual.

Some patients opt for cool lipo only to get a tighter skin, as cool lipo is less aggressive and less expensive than a traditional lift surgery. It will also cause fewer scars.

Myth: Cool Lipo Is Performed Like Traditional Liposuction

Fact: Even if cool lipo is similar to a liposuction procedure in technique, there are some differences in performing the procedure.

Both cool lipo and traditional liposuction use the cannula, which is a thin tube that will be inserted in a few small incisions made by the plastic surgeon. However, cool lipo, in addition to the cannula, also employs a laser fiber that will turn the fat into liquid and only after this is done, the fat will be extracted. The use of this laser fiber will result in minimal bruising and no skin irregularities after the procedure.

Myth: Cool Lipo Causes Skin Irregularities

Fact: Unlike traditional liposuction that can cause skin irregularities on the treated areas, the areas treated with cool lipo will be soft and even. This is due to the fact that the procedure is laser assisted and the fat is liquefied before removal.

Myth: Cool Lipo Is Expensive

Fact: Even if the cool lipo procedure is a state of the art tools and laser fiber, the cost of cool lipo is less than the cost of a traditional liposuction or the cost of a face lift.

If you are a good candidate for cool lipo, you can opt for this procedure instead of getting a traditional liposuction.

Myth: Cool Lipo Requires a Great Deal of Down Time

Fact: Traditional liposuction requires a long period of down time; cool lipo is still considered a liposuction procedure, but will require only 3 to 4 days of recovery time. Being an assisted procedure, cool lipo will cause minimal bruising and swelling and the pain will be minimal.

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