Cosmetic and Health Benefits of PureLipo

PureLipo is a tumescent technology which allows a person to reshape the body. If a patient is bothered by cellulite which does not seem to be resolved with proper diet and exercise, PureLipo can provide this patient with a cosmetic option to smooth the skin and improve her appearance. There are many benefits to PureLipo, both in terms of cosmetic and health benefits. Learning about these benefits can help encourage a patient to seek out this low risk cosmetic option.

Smoother and Younger Looking Skin

The main reason why patients seek out PureLipo is that it effectively smooths out cellulite and the appearance of cellulite. By causing the structures of cellulite to crumble, the skin's collagen production is stimulated, allowing the skin to look more youthful and taut. The fat cells are removed from the area of the skin, after being loosened by a salt water solution. This allows for greater sculpting by the surgeon, while also helping the patient to see results nearly immediately. This procedure can be performed on numerous areas of the body, including the legs, buttocks, abdomen and back.

Less Invasive Procedure with Fewer Risks

Unlike liposuction, PureLipo does not carry the same side effects and risks.  At no time is the patient under general anesthesia which immediately reduces the possibility of serious problems. The patient is merely given oral medication to help relieve anxiety, while also receiving a local anesthetic to ensure the skin doesn't hurt when the cannula is placed in the incision. 

The procedure does not take a long time and the fluid injected into the skin allows the fat cells to be loosened in order to be removed more easily. Most patients only report slight bruising and swelling after the procedure, but these effects do not last long. Most patients can return to their daily lives within a day or so. The patient will also not have any damage to the outer layers of the skin, which can be possible during more extensive procedures.

Improved Self Esteem

The most lauded benefit of PureLipo is that patients experience a higher sense of self esteem and self confidence. Since they are not worried about the appearance of cellulite on their body, they can focus on other issues in their life. This new confidence can help to make them feel more attractive as well. Those who have suffered with cellulite, no matter how much they have dieted, will finally feel as though their weight loss efforts can be seen. This is not a procedure, however, for those who have a lot of weight to lose since this is a targeted approach which will help to re-sculpt smaller areas. The effect is natural and attractive, and others will not know the person has had the procedure unless she chooses to share her secret.

With PureLipo, patients will be able to see nearly immediate results. Their cellulite will be reduced dramatically, helping their skin look young and tight. The more treatments completed, the better the skin will look. In addition, if they continue a healthy eating and exercise plan, the results can be permanent.

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