History of Slim Lipo

Throughout the years, people have used cosmetic procedures like Slim Lipo to enhance the shape of the body. Slim Lipo, also referred to as "laser induced melting," is a new laser-assisted treatment that contours the shape of the body by removing unwanted fat from selected areas. People who have difficulty losing weight from problem areas prefer to have this procedure on their thighs, hips, waist and buttocks.

The Introduction of Slim Lipo

During the 1980s, liposuction was a procedure that was first developed in France, before it became a major influence in the United States. It was used as a common cosmetic procedure. When traditional liposuction was first administered, patients would experience great discomfort, pain, swelling and bruising after the treatment. Patients would need an extended period of time to fully recuperate from the procedure, before optimal results were visible.

Due to modern technology, in 2008 liposuction gradually evolved, and Slim Lipo was introduced as the new phase for laser assisted liposuction. In contrast to traditional liposuction in the 1900s, Slim Lipo presents an easier approach to eliminate fat from the body. This procedure is less intrusive, and patients can now recover with minimal downtime. They can actually return to work the day after the treatment is performed.

Advantages of Slim Lipo

This laser assisted technology can provide great benefits for people looking for a simple technique to resculpt their bodies. With Slim Lipo, less pain is felt because the incisions are smaller, and this promotes less bruising and trauma to the body. In addition to eliminating unwanted fat, Slim Lipo is also effective in tightening the skin in the preferred areas.

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