How Lipotherme Is Performed

Lipotherme is a Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved laser assisted liposuction procedure to remove excess fat from targeted body parts. As the name suggests, in Lipotherme (lipo – fat, therme –heat), controlled heat is applied to liquefy the fat. It is clinically referred to as laser-assisted lipolysis. It is a non-surgical procedure to remove fat and to get firm and smoother skin for obtaining an enhanced body contour.


Consultation with the physician is a critical aspect of Lipotherme and takes place before the procedure. During this step, the physician explains the Lipotherme procedure in detail. The physician then measures the body mass index (BMI) and collects other health information from the patient all in order to find out the possible outcome of the Lipotherme procedure.  

Treatment Decision

After explaining the details, the physician will get an idea of your expectations in terms of the area you want to target. Lipotherme can be used to treat areas like the abdomen, arms, ankles, back, face, hips, knees, thighs and waist. Based on the BMI, the physician may use only Lipotherme, or Lipotherme and Liposuction in combination.  

Lipotherme Procedure

The physician applies a mild numbing agent in the targeted area of the patient’s body. A canula (small metal tube) is inserted below the skin through a very fine incision. A tiny and low power fiber laser beam is fired when the physician moves the canula back and forth. This laser beam will create warmth in the adipose tissue (fat deposits) under the skin due to its thermal effect. As the fat cells respond effectively to thermal energy, these cells get liquefied and are removed permanently from under the skin. A physician sucks the liquefied fat cells from under the skin.  

Recuperation Period

After a Lipotherme procedure, you have to wait for one or two days to start strenuous activities. The surgeon keeps you under observation for few hours after the procedure and advises you to give time for the skin to recuperate. You may experience swelling or pain in the treated areas for a few days.  

Review Visit

After the recuperation period, the physician will carefully analyze the results of the procedure. If there is excessive fat deposition in the areas that are not treated, you are given a touch-up treatment to get desired results and contours on the treated area.  

Critical Information

In contrast to Liposuction, Lipotherme is a minimally invasive procedure of fat removal from specific parts of the body. Lipotherme is effective on body parts that do not reduce in size after strict dieting and exercising. Within 12 to 16 weeks of the procedure, results become noticeable in most of the patients. However, the results and potential outcome of the Lipotherme procedure can vary from individual to individual depending on the individual’s BMI, age, hormone level and other health factors.  

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