Keeping Your Fat Cells Open For Life by Stuart Laser Spa

Wow, what a concept! Keep your fat cells open.

Open to what? Open to the flow of free fatty acids in and out of your adipose cells. The fatty acids which you consume and do not burn as energy cannot collect in your blood stream without causing tissue damage (plaque in arteries among other things bad for you) over time. The body is always trying to balance the amounts of fattyacids, glucose and interstitial water to maintain a healthy living environment. Your fat cells are there to store fatty acid glycerol and water so in a time of famine (you know skipping a meal for most of us) your body can rely on releasing theses stores of energy and you can live without food for several hours, days or weeks depending on how much fat you hold compared to lean body mass. So in essence your fat cells store usable energy and they must be able to store and release fatty acids easily without restriction or interference so you can store unneeded energy and also burn stored energy as needed.

Many factors can cause your body to not release the fat. Some of these are:

  • Too many calories consumed daily. You must know what your BMI and BMR are. They are calculations which can determine your resting metabolic rate and how many calories you must consume to maintain your weight while resting. We use a Biodyne BIA impedence machine to give us that information. If you consume more calories than your BMI indicates you will not release fat but will store fat instead. It is a rule.. If you eat more than you burn daily you will always gain weight.<
  • The wrong types of calories are consumed even when eating less than your BMI indicates. 1500 calories of balanced Protein, Good fats and complex Carbohydrates will help keep Fat cells open to release fat. 1500 calories of simple carbohydrates like sugar, bread, pastries, cookies, crackers etc.. will cause the fat cells to close up and will not release any fat but will store the glucose via insulin to make you even fatter. These are called “empty calories”
  • Eating too much at the wrong times of the day. Consuming excess calories at 8am 12pm and 6 pm is bad for your metabolism. Research has shown that eating your entire caloric allotment spaced out at 2 hour intervals is the best way to keep your metabolism high and thus to keeps your fat cells open. It is called a “sippy” diet. Eat a little often.
  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other chemicals by repeated exposure. Exposure to chemicals cause the body to produce lots of toxins. These toxins cannot all be excreted by the liver/body and thus the body will store these poisons in the fatty tissues of your body. This causes the body to retain large amounts of “toxic” water to compensate and this effects the fat cells ability to open up to let fat out. The only way to change this is to detoxify yourself often. herbal liver detoxes, fruit and vegetable fasting, spring water fasting are all good ideas to get those accumulated poisons out of the fat cells and thus out of your body. When your internal environment is clean losing weight will be easier.
  • Exercise. Vigirous exercise increases circulation and lymphatic drainage. This increases the amounts of nutrients being carried to the cells and also increases your bodies ability to remove the unclean matter and poisons these cells produce. In otherwords Exercise helps regualte your blood sugar and this keeps your fat cells open and keeps your metabolism high. This will always cause you to lose fat.
  • The Lapex Lipo Laser uses electromagnetic energy to artificially open up the fat cells wherever the laser is applied. The fatty acids leak out and the bodies lymphatic system and venous system carries the FFAs to the Liver where the body can convert it to glucose for fuel to be burned by the cells. A gradual process is necessary so as to not liberate too much fatty acid. One must also restrict caloric intake 500 calories less than their BMI to loose inches and fat from the Lapex.

Nothing in here should be construed as medical advice. Before beginning any diet, exercise plan or detox regiment you should consult with your doctor.

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