Medical Conditions and Body Jet Liposuction

Body Jet Liposuction is a water assisted technique that is used to reduce fat from numerous areas of the body. The procedure is less aggressive than traditional liposuction and can be used in a large number of patients, however, there are a few medical conditions that need to be considered prior to scheduling a Body Jet Liposuction procedure.

Liver Dysfunction

If you have liver problems, the Body Jet Liposuction may be a procedure you should avoid. The procedure requires anesthesia and the anesthetic (i.e. lidocaine) can possibly cause further damage to a dysfunctional liver. Toxicity can occur, and this may be fatal.


If your blood does not coagulate properly, you may suffer from hemophilia, which is a rare genetic disease that affects blood clotting. Even if the Body Jet Liposuction only requires a few small incisions, the bleeding can be problematic to stop, and you may loose a lot of blood (which can be dangerous for your health).

You should opt for other non invasive slimming treatments if you suffer from hemophilia.


The Body Jet Liposuction can affect the fetus, so let your plastic surgeon know if you are pregnant or might be pregnant. The devices used can cause malformations in the baby, especially if you are in the first trimester.

If you are scheduled for a Body Jet Liposuction, you should inform your doctor about any medical condition that you may have (including allergies) and medications that you take, to ensure that the treatment is effective and that there will be no risks or complications after the surgery.

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