Medical Conditions and Lipotherme

Lipotherme is a liposuction technique that utilizes heat from a laser to remove unwanted fat deposits. It is also known as “laser-assisted liposuction.” Performed under local anesthesia, in your doctor’s office, your surgeon will be able to remove fat deposits in areas that may not be treatable with traditional liposuction. It is also used in conjunction with traditional liposuction to smooth, even out and better sculpt areas of your body. Only board certified surgeons are legally qualified to perform the procedure.

Although Lipotherme is less invasive, there are risks associated with any type of surgery. Lipotherme is not a weight loss procedure. Additionally, you may not be considered a candidate for liposuction if you suffer from certain medical conditions.


Lipotherme may not be right for you if you are obese or in the process of losing weight. Lipotherme is for individuals with normal body weight and good skin elasticity. It can be used after weight loss to remove stubborn pockets of fat that did not respond to dieting and weight loss.


If you are allergic to certain antibiotics or to the ingredients used during the procedure, you may not be a candidate. Although rare, there is a possibility of infection after the procedure.

Heart Conditions

You should also inform your doctor, if you have diabetes, any heart conditions, blood clotting problems, difficulty breathing or high blood pressure. Also, tell your doctor if you believe you are pregnant.

In rare instances, these medical conditions could increase your chance of complications during or after the procedure. Some of these complications include: infection, bleeding, blood clots, fluid imbalance and nerve damage. Talk to your doctor to find out if Lipotherme is right for you.

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