Medical Conditions and ProLipo

Prolipo is a liposuction procedure that is rendered by the assistance of a laser. This advanced technology allows the laser to effectively melt unwanted fat from targeted areas on the body, without causing great discomfort to the patient. Prolipo can either be used as a solitary procedure or in conjunction with other liposuction techniques. With Prolipo, some of the main areas of the body that are liposuctioned include the arms, jowls, hips, waist and abdomen.

Current Medical Conditions and Prolipo

Even though Prolipo is a safe technique used to eliminate fat from the body with minimal complications, precaution must be taken. If you have a life threatening disease that affects your organs and tissues, you will not be suited for the operation. The reason being, a medical condition might affect the results of the prolipo procedure, and will increase risks. For example, people with sickle cell disease, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, and multiple sclerosis might not be recommended for Prolipo.

Before you make the decision to undergo a Prolipo procedure, it is important that you first consult with your surgeon if you have any current medical conditions. After the surgeon evaluates your medical history and present condition, he will then determine if you are indeed a good candidate for this operation.

Recuperation from Prolipo

Patients who undergo Prolipo will normally experience mild bruising after the surgery. Within one or two days following the surgery, you are allowed to continue with your daily routine. Results following the surgery are also noticeable immediately, and will continue on for several weeks thereafter.

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