Medical Conditions and PureLipo

PureLipo is an advantageous slimming procedure with minimal side effects and low risks or complications. This procedure can be applied in a wide range of patients, but there are some medical conditions that may affect the outcome of the PureLipo treatment.

Liver or Kidney Disease

Patients with liver disease cannot benefit from the PureLipo treatment, as the tumescent anesthetic contains toxins and these can only be eliminated through the liver.

If the patient has dysfunctional kidneys, PureLipo may not be recommended.

There are other noninvasive slimming procedures that won't require anesthesia that can be applied in patients with liver or kidney problems.

Blood Clotting Conditions

Blood clotting conditions that will cause delays in the blood coagulation can affect the PureLipo procedure. Even though PureLipo causes less bleeding than other liposuction procedures due to the use of tumescent liquid, a patient with blood clotting problems should avoid PureLipo. The bleeding may be difficult to stop and the patient may lose a lot of blood.

Lactation and Pregnancy

PureLipo is a procedure that shouldn't be performed in pregnant women and lactating mothers. The anesthetic may affect the fetus, even if the procedure is not performed near the uterus area; in addition, the high concentration of hormones may affect the results of the procedure and can cause long lasting swelling and irritation.

The plastic surgeon should be informed about all medical conditions of a patient or if the patient takes certain medication. There are alternatives to PureLipo that may be more suitable for patients with certain medical conditions.

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