Most Common Uses of PureLipo

PureLipo is a body sculpting procedure that was invented by Dr. Saint Antonio and is a minimally invasive surgery that will effectively remove fat from problem areas of the body. The most common uses of the PureLipo treatment vary depending on the gender of the patient: women typically get liposuction in the abdominal area, face, neck, buttocks, thighs, arms or knees, while men opt for PureLipo in the abdominal, chest, neck and chin areas.

Fat Removal from the Facial Area

The facial area is covered with sensitive skin and the concentration of nerve endings under the skin is much higher than in other areas of the body. Traditional liposuction cannot be performed on the face, as it may cause permanent skin damage, lack of sensation, and in extreme cases, even paralysis.

The PureLipo procedure will use tumescent anesthesia that will be injected in the adipose tissue; this ensures there will be no pain during the procedure.

Fat Removal from Neck and Chin

The neck and chin often have unaesthetic fat deposits that cannot be reduced with exercising or dieting. PureLipo can eliminate “double chins” or the “turkey gobble neck” appearance.

Fat Removal from the Abdomen

A lot of patients who get PureLipo are women, and a lot of the patients opt for fat removal from the abdominal area. The PureLipo surgery may extract up to 4 liters of liquid fat in one surgery, just like the traditional liposuction.

Some patients opt to get fat removed from the abdominal area and also from the “love handle” area. There are a lot of surgeries that will remove fat from the abdominal area including the tummy tuck or the abdominoplasty. However, PureLipo is a minimally invasive procedure that will leave no scars and will contour the abdominal region narrowing the waist line.

Fat Removal from Arms and Legs

The fat deposits on the arms may be unaesthetic and a lot of patients opt for arm fat removal. The PureLipo surgery will sculpt the arms, giving them a leaner appearance.

Some patients may have fat deposits on the thighs or knee area. The PureLipo can perform precision fat removal from larger areas such as the thighs (or buttocks) and will also remove small amounts of fat that cover the knees or the ankles. These small fat deposits are impossible to eliminate with exercise and dieting.

PureLipo can eliminate larger fat deposits (up to 4 liters), but may also focus on smaller fat deposits that are diet or exercise resistant. Thin people may also have fat deposits and these may only be eliminated through body contouring procedures, or in some cases, with months of intensive exercising. Traditional liposuction is not recommended for smaller areas and sensitive areas such as the face or neck, as the procedure is too aggressive. PureLipo is a gentle procedure that will cause minimal bruising and swelling, and the patient will recover in 3 to 7 days.

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