Non-Invasive Alternatives to PureLipo

PureLipo is a slimming procedure that involves surgery. Surgery requires anesthesia and it also involves a few risks, requiring recovery time. A lot of patients would like to avoid surgery and look for alternatives that are non invasive. There are a few body contouring procedures that can reduce fat without the need to undergo surgery. Some of these procedures include: Lipodissolve, Thermage, mesotherapy or massage therapy.


Lipodissolve is a revolutionary technique that will reduce the fat deposits without surgery. The procedure consists of the injection of a few solutions that contain medications and natural enzymes into the adipose tissue. The solution will dissolve the adipose tissue and the water and other components of the fat will be eliminated through the body’s natural processes. The elimination of the fat will take a few weeks or even months; it all depends on the metabolism of each patient and the way the patient responds to the Lipodissolve solution. However, there no recovery time is involved; the injections will not cause bruising or swelling.

1 or several injections will be administered, depending on the amounts of fat that need to be eliminated. The Lipodissolve may be applied on any area of the body, including the face or neck. In addition to fat reduction, Lipodissolve will also reduce cellulite.


Thermage employs laser beams that will be applied on the surface of the patient’s skin. The lasers should melt the fat and tighten the collagen. The dissolved fat will be eliminated in a few weeks, so there is no need for incisions to extract the fat.

The Thermage therapy involves no pain, and it is an advantageous procedure as it will also tighten the skin. A lot of patients opt for Thermage for the facial and neck areas, as the treatment will not only remove the fat, but will also have the effects of the face lift. Thermage may cause swelling, however, this should subside in less than 3 days.


Mesotherapy employs injections of amino acids and other natual ingredients combined with medication. These compounds are meant to dissolve the fat and will also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Mesotherapy is similar to Lipodissolve, however, Lipodissolve is more popular as the mesotherapy requires a longer time to show results. However, mesotherapy is a pain free treatment and typically, patients require only one injection.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be used to reduce the adipose tissues; through massaging the problem areas, the fat cells may disintegrate and will be processed by the body’s natural processes and will be eliminated through urine. Massage therapy may only be applied on small areas of fat and several sessions are required for optimal results.


Exercise is the safest way of losing weight and eliminating a few unwanted pounds. However, some areas of the body may have a few exercise resistant fat, which can be removed with a body contouring procedure.

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